Start a Club


Check out our NEW and IMPROVED Student Club Manual!

Hey students (and teachers)! Do you want to want to do something to help make a difference in the way our culture values life?  Why not start at your own school!  Starting a prolife club at your high school (university students please refer to the National Campus Life Network is a rewarding challenge that can raise awareness among your peers or students about the equal worth and dignity of all human life.   By also informing students about the alternatives to abortion, you may even help save lives! 

The Toronto Right to Life Association and the National Campus Life Network have put together a great resource for you.  This latest edition includes a bonus resource on summer pro-life activism and new photos of active high school clubs in Canada. Student manuals are $10 each, including postage.

This manual makes it easy for you and your friends to start a great prolife club at your school and keep it going strong!  Please contact TRL to get your copy or copies and make a stand for life at your school!